Graduate Student Recognitions 2021
We congratulate all graduate students in our program who earned degrees and awards over the course of the past academic year. Including Autumn 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021, these include 20 doctoral degrees, 7 master's degrees in our MMS program, 13 master of science degrees, and 8 master's degrees in our MAQRM program. We are also excited to recognize 3 students who won prestigious OSU Graduate School awards.
Since our Graduate Studies Committee was not prepared to conduct a selection for departmental teaching awards in Spring 2020, at the onset of the pandemic, both competitions were carried out during Spring 2021. We thus have a total of 6 winners for the 2020 and 2021 Phil Huneke Teaching Awards and 7 recipients of the 2020 and 2021 First-Year GTA Awards.
Follow the link below to access a slideshow in lieu of our annual Graduate Student Recognition Ceremony. The presentation recognizes student achievements in further detail, introduces the new cohort, and provides a look back on what has happened in our graduate program over the past year. Access requires authentication and is limited to graduate faculty and graduate students of the department.

University Awards
Graduate Associate Teaching Award
  • Dhir Patel (Hiary)
Graduate Associate Performance Award
  • Elizabeth Campolongo (Taylor)
Presidential Fellowship
  • Benjamin Call (Spring 21 - Thompson)
Departmental Teaching Awards
2020 - First Year Graduate Associate Teaching Awards
  • Adam Christopherson
  • Deniz Genlik
  • Zachary Kronick
  • Baian Liu
2020 - Phil Huneke Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Andrew Best
  • Andrew Castillo
  • Nikolas Schonsheck
  • Shreeya Behera
  • Andrew Best
  • Benjamin Call
  • Andrew Castillo
  • Sohail Farhangi
  • Mario Gomez Flores
  • Aziz Burak Guelen
  • Julian Mejia Cordero

  • Josiah Oh
  • Nikolas Schonsheck
  • Ivo Terek Couto
  • Pan Yan
2021 - First Year GTA Awards
  • Kenneth Berglund
  • Daniel Packer
  • Wei Hung Su
2021 - Phil Huneke Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Shreeya Behera
  • Nicholas Geis
  • Deniz Genlik
  • Shreeya Behera
  • Sohail Farhangi
  • Nicholas Geis
  • Deniz Genlik
  • Nikolas Henderson
  • Kirollos Masood

  • Julian Mejia Cordero
  • Kriti Sehgal
  • Pan Yan
Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degrees
Summer 2020
  • Neil DeBoer (Carlson)
  • Matthew Osborne (Tien)
Autumn 2020
  • Andrew Castillo (Koenig)
Spring 2021
  • Jason Bello (Sivakoff)
  • Duncan Clark (Harper)
  • Roberto Hernandez Palomares (Penneys)
  • Jun Hou (Xiu)
  • Sunhyuk Lim (Memoli)
  • Weize Mao (Xiu)
  • Nicholas Schonsheck (Harper)
  • Tianyu Wang (Thompson)
  • Han Zhang (Shah)
Summer 2021 (end of term)
  • Gabriel Bainbridge (Krishnan)
  • Nicholas Bruno (Loper)
  • Aniket Shah (Anderson)
Summer 2021 (expected)
  • Andrew Best (Bergelson)
  • Zhen Chen (Xiu)
  • Andreu Ferre Moragues (Bergelson)
  • Matthew Harper (Kerler)
  • Dhir Patel (Hiary)
  • Yuancheng Xie (Kodama)
  • Jose Zelada Cifuentes (Bergelson)
Master of Mathematical Sciences Degrees
Biosciences Track
  • Chance Alvarado (Tien, Rempala)
  • Russel Lee (Lou)
Computational Sciences Track
  • Hannah Brown (Xiu)
  • Joseph Hunter (Xing)
  • Thomas Mussmann (Xiu)
  • Rodney Teria (Best)
Educators Track
  • Zachary Kronick (Stan)
Master of Actuarial and Quantitative
Risk Management Degrees
Thesis Option
  • Tengmu Hu (Ban)
Non-Thesis Option
  • Xijia Gu (Ban)
  • Yeonjung Kim (Ban)
  • Ethan Myers (Ban)
  • Zhiyuan Xie (Ban)
  • Hua Yang(Ban)
Master of Sciences Degrees
Thesis Option
  • Kenneth Berglund (Kahle, Luo)
Candidacy or Non-Thesis Option - Autumn 2020
  • Mario Gomez Flores (Memoli)
  • Sunhyuk Lim (Memoli)
  • Bhawesh Mishra (Bergelson)
  • Ling Hei Tsang (Katz)
  • Hua Yang (Ban)
  • Ling Zhou (Memoli)
  • Zixu Zhou (Xiu)
Candidacy or Non-Thesis Option - Spring & Summer 2021
  • Aziz Burak Guelen (Cueto)
  • Nathaniel Clause (Memoli)
  • John Hynes (Thompson)
  • Adam Christopherson (Koenig)
  • Scott Newton (Krishnan)